Gecko Galz

Gecko Galz

Sunday, April 24, 2011

HAPPY EASTER.......Lets pay it forward!

Hi everyone!

I want to wish you a happy Easter, in celebration of this wonderful day I thought it would be fun to do another little challenge. I was teaching yesterday and my wonderful friend Paula was in my class and she was talking about this wonderful project she took part in called a "Pay it forward" project. What you do is post the challenge on you blog or facebook page and the first 5 people who sign up get a hand made RAK made by you then they in turn post it on their Face book page or blog and then 5 more people will take part. Sound like fun? I think it is a great way to create beautiful crafts and share them with others! So here it goes!


The first 5 people who sign up here will recive a handmade RAK item made by me! Then you will post this message to your face book or blog and do the same for 5 others. You can create anything you want as long as it is handmade then mail it to the 5 people who sign up.
Please email me your addy if you are one of the first 5 people at please dont leave your addy on your post!
Once you have shipped the items you can post a picture of the items you made!
Have fun spreading smiles!


  1. Sounds good, I would like to join in!
    cardart(at) Valerie

  2. Happy Easter to you too Leeann. I love all the awesome images that you have available. You are awesome!