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Gecko Galz

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Gecko Galz FREE GIVEAWAY for July and August

Hi to all my wonderful followers!

I thought I would pass on a little info regarding a wonderful give away Gecko Galz is doing on their Blog
they are trying to increase their blog numbers and spread the word about their products and are doing an incredible giveaway.
So here is the scoop
Gecko Galz have exclusive products just for people on the mailing list, each month Gecko Galz releases a new ephemera sets just for people on their mailing list to purchase as well as papers and fibers/ribbons these are just for them and they dont sell them in their online shop or distribute to the stores that carry their products, only you the mailing list customers can get access to them. So to celebrate these new products they decided they would do something fun and exciting for everyone. They are going to give away too two lucky people a set of the exclusive ephemera sets for 6 months!!!! You heard right 6 months of EXCLUSIVE COLLAGE SHEETS FREE!!!!!
Now what do you have to do? well if you are new to their blog and to Gecko Galz just become a follower at then pop over to the Gecko Galz website home page and at the bottom of the page sign up for their of the sets will be given away to a new follower/newsletter member!
The second set will be given away to an existing follower and all you all have to do is leave a comment under the giveaway posting and make sure you are on their mailing list on the Gecko Galz home page then get your paper crafting friends to join....thats right for every person you send to their blog and who joins their mailing list (have them mention your email address and name) you will get a point and the person with the most points will win 6 months worth of FREE EXCLUSIVE EPHEMERA SETS!!!!!

Sounds like fun, you can see the July ephemera set on their blog and that one plus 6 others you will get!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds like fun! Thanks for sharing, Marilyn

  2. Great contest Leeann!

  3. Someone will be a very happy winner!! Gecko Galz has awesome images!!

  4. Ooo wow, someone's going to be happy!! Awesome vintage images!