Gecko Galz

Gecko Galz

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December free images

Wow it is amazing how time just wizzes by during the month of December...actaully it is between Thanksgiving and New years that it just flies by. But during this time one needs to stp and look around at all the things one is greatful and yes even heart ache because it is the balance of things. Take a moment and hold the ones you love near and tell them every day what they mean to you for life is short....spend time with friends and laugh often because it is the best medicine for the soul and last everyday look around and find one thing that makes you happy or brings you joy this will make it easier to face each day because there is always a gift waiting for you.
I want to stop a moment and remember a most amazing women, she was not my mother rather a friends but she touched my life in a very special way with her joy and light. Her name was Emelda and she was a wonderful lady that I will miss. I always thought of her as an angel on earth because no matter how low you felt she lifted you up.
So in memmory of Emelda I thought it only fitting to share with you a collection of angels that one of my favorite artist has done her name is Elvira Amrhein in case you want to see more of her wonderful work!
I hope all of you have a wonderful and safe Holiday Season.


  1. these are most beautiful. thanks for sharing Emelda's spirit with us. merry holidays to you! xo

  2. these angels are beautiful....thanks!

  3. these are so beautiful! sharing these is a wonderful tribute

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