Gecko Galz

Gecko Galz

Sunday, December 13, 2015

SHOP SHOUT OUT........Creations by Cat

So I realized I have not really done a shop shout out in a very long time and thought it would be fun to talk about a new shop each month who does hand made gifts just in case you are ever looking for an amazing gift or some fun inspirations. So this months shout out is one of my favorite Etsy shops CREATIONS BY CAT. She is an award winning soft sculpture doll artist who has been published is art dolls quarterly, but she is doing these amazing little flower divas that I adore so I wanted to share them with you. They make perfect little gifts and look great on a Christmas tree or just hanging in a window or a fan pull! you can check out all her dolls at

And if you buy two you save $10 with the coupon on her shop page!

And if you want to see her soft sculpture dolls visit her shop THE QUEENS PAVILLION at

Her works are one of a kinds 

this is a tree top angel!

Hope you enjoyed her work and please pop by to view all her work!
Have a crafty day

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