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Gecko Galz

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Template Tuesday!!!!!

So I was in crisis last week because my lovely little laptop decided to give up the ghost on me and die a most horrible death....dont you hate when that happens so as I started cleaning off my machine and started placing the files on my PC I noticed all the hidden jewels I had on my machine and thought wouldnt it be fun to share them with my blogger friends. One of the files I discovered was full of templates for cards and boxes that I fell in love with....did I mention I am a paper crafting horder? Yes I know it is a terrible thing to admit but I know I am not alone in this addiction right. So I thought it might be fun to offer you my friends a free template each Tuesday so you can hord them as I do, lol! I do use them really I do!
In any case let me start by telling you these are NOT my template designs I got them through a number of amazing sites such as Mirkwood, Stampingtom, The house of Stir Fry...oh you get the idea but thought perhaps if you had not visited these places or do not have time to seek them out you can come here each Tuesday and per take of their amazing designs. So to start things off here is a fun little template from Stampington .

 template created by Karen Thomas of Yasutomo paper company

This sample is done by artist Beryl Taylor

1. Copy template, enlarging or reducing as desired.
2. Cut out.
3. Score and fold along lines.
4. Punch holes.
5. Stamp, paint and embellish as desired.
6. Assemble and feed dowel through holes

If you do one of these amazing little boxes please share with us and send a message attached to this entry with a feed to your project!
Have fun creating a wonderful project and have a happy scrappy day!

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