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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adventures at the International Quilt Show

Hi everyone!

So yesterday I wandered downtown (I live in Houston Texas) to the George R Brown Convention Center to take a peek at the International Quilt festival.....and all I can say is OMG! If you have never been to this quilt festival let me start by saying these are NOT you Grandmas quilts, there is some amazing artistry that goes into each quilt I saw! There  is also a wonderful display of art dolls, which I am going to give a shout out to my friend Cat Woody who won for her Gypsy of the Lake doll...go Cat...go Cat! But after you spend a few hours walking around and being totally blown away by the fiber art you slowly creep into what can only be discribed at the Meka of all vendor halls. And after you pick your self up off the ground because you are so taken with all the colors and products you begin making your way through 20 rows of packed vendors.
Now I am not a quilter...I dare say I don't touch a sewing machine if I dont have to...but I will tell all of you there is something for everyone!
I being a paper crafter and altered artist I look for items to enhance my work and here they had that like you would not I thought I would share a few of the most amazing of the shops I made purchases at and share with you what I got (oh so much altering planned).

Okay I know I told a few of you about the International quilt festival going on
this weekend but REALLY if you get a chance go down there today. It is the last
day but I went yeasterday and got a bag of goodies to scrap and make cards with
that is to die for. It is not all quilts and the vendor hall has some of the
best booths I have ever seen!

BAZZILL was the first booth I hit and they were selling their button packs and flowers and jewel
pieces for $1 and $2 a if you have ever looked at them at Archivers
then you know these packs are $4 to $7 a pack, I got 13 packs for $20 yesterday!

HABERDASHERY...dont you love their name? They had amazing little items, they sell Buttons Galore
which is also sold at Archivers and JoAnns. I got  button packs for $1 and little fabric
flowers for $1 as well as a nutrel color pack of 100 buttons for $3...oh the things I will do with them!

FIBER ON A WHIM booth #1445  for all you altered artist they have
amazing hand dyed cheese cloth for $3 a roll and other amazing things and also
carry Tim Holtz Items

Okay I did not get the name of this booth but you will know it when you see it for they are selling Radiant rain inks, twinkling H20's (and they have the new colors) for $2.75 a pat and Viva pearl pens for $4 which I LOVE!

SANDY SHORE who is on row 800 Sandy and his lovely wife also named Leanne has an amazing selection of beads,  vintage pearl buttons, and metal trinkets all for good prices.

TREASURES OF THE GYPSY Also on row 800 is they have killer decorative trims and ribbons as well as a collection of amazing stamps and asian and day of the dead trinkets. And wander around and gaze upon all the incredible dolls that people have made using her products.

TRIM ON WHEELS this cornicopia of mind blowing trinkets and treasures has a section where you can by 4 items for $20 and I got a huge roll of cream and brown tulle ribbon I am talking 100 + yards plus, yardage
of trims, fabric flowers for $1....yes your head will explode in his booth!

And last my creme de la creme shop MISS ROSE SISTER VIOLET booth #950 they have
the most incredible vintage lace, trims, baubles and little vintage velvet
flowers...I seriously started vibrating when I entered this booth. There trims are
$6.50 a yard but they are so sweet and charming that one cant help and fall in
love !

So If you live in the Houston Area it is going on for 1 more day and if you are not from Houston this show is an annual show that takes place in the fall each year so if you can come down for it please try to next year it is SOOOOOO worth the trip!

If you are comeing today You can park at the hotel
parking and take the sky bridge over on the second floor.

Like I said if you have some time today it is so worth checking out!

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  1. Wow, you have some totally amazing finds! I am in love with that pink polka dot lace trim! The buttons are all to die for too! Thanks for sharing!