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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WINNERS! And Non such

Hi everyone!

welcome to 2013...sorry this is late getting out Blogger has been having some major issues with loading photos but it is fixed now...woooo hooo! It has been a crazy and wild new year thus far but in a good way. I turned 50 recently and some people think this is a bad thing but to me I view it as an accomplishment...hey I made it!  So in celebration of  this milestone I held a challenge with the December images "The Cats Meow Challenge" and I have to tell you the entries were AMAZING! Thank you to everyone who took part. Our winner is Diane Bove for her amazing birthday card congrats to you Diane you won the $25 shopping spree at Gecko Galz! Just email them at and let them know you won and they will tell you where to go from there!

Diane Boves Winning Design!

Now dont ret if you did not get to take part in this challenge I will be holding a new challenge every month based around my giveaway images so  this month I am giving you some un little Valentine images to play with and anyone who would like to enter the challenge just do a project using the images below and either link to this posting or email the picture to me at . Then on February 14th I will post pictures of all the entries and the followers will get to vote on a winner! and what will the winner get? You will get the March Collage sets from Gecko Galz.....all 5 sets! So get your creative juices going and create a fun valentine and win!!!!!!
I hope you all enjoy the FREE images below!

Good luck to everyone!
Have a happy Scrappy Day


  1. Whoo hoo, thank you so much Lee Anne! I will put that prize to good use with my wish list! I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I agree, it is something to be proud of to reach the magical age of 50! Wishing you health and happiness for the next 50 too! Thank you also for these wonderful Valentine images too! ~Diane

  2. Congrats Diane love the purple and blue together. Purple is my fav.

  3. Lee Anne,
    I've put a link to your challenges on my blog. I look forward to participating and hope to encourage others as well! Thank you,

  4. Hey Leanne, I have put a link to this challenge on my blog, and have e-mailed the card to you. Thanks for some great inspiration!