Gecko Galz

Gecko Galz

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

TEMPLATE TUESDAY....Lets Make A Pillow Box!

Hello all my Friends and Fellow crafters!

Okay so I am trying to think up new fun things I can offer all my followers and friends, that will inspire everyone to do amazing paper crafts in 2014. And I thought it might be fun to bring back TEMPLATE TUESDAY. So each month we will have a template Tuesday and offer a fun templates that you can use to create gift boxes and favors.
So my first template is one of my favorites the Pillow Box, this makes great favor boxes for parties, showers and gift cards. You can use your own favorite papers or the pre designed templates that you can find on Pintrest or Etsy. Add a bit of ribbon, raffia, tags and flowers and make them personalized for your theme.

Just have fun with them!
Happy Crafting
Leanne Seed


  1. Thanks Leanne, these are gorgeous! ~Diane

  2. I like it , thanks for sharing these type of useful information about boxes with us.